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Case Studies


Maddy was diagnosed with hip dysplasia in December 2010 and was referred by her vet for hydrotherapy.

Maddy's owner, Bererley Wannell, found It difficult to see at first how two short swimming sessions each week would possibly help alleviate this cruel condition for Maddy, but Beverley now says,

"Before long Maddy was a different dog. Not only was she walking and running much better, but now, being stronger I suppose. she seems to have found a whole new level of confidence. Previously, she had been quite a shy, timid dog but now she is playful, outgoing and very bossy!

I swell with pride when people comment on how great she’s looking, or how impressive she looks when she runs at full speed. But 18 months ago, it was a very different story and I honestly can’t thank Monica and the team enough for what they’ve done for Maddy. It was heartbreaking to see her struggle to walk, but now, thanks to hydrotherapy, she has a full, active, fun filled life."